Question - Do I need a two stage thermostat?

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A two-stage thermostat may need more wires than your current programmable thermostat. If you plan to keep your home at a constant temperature, you don't need a two-stage thermostat. If you want to vary the temperature of your home during the day or night, a programmable two-stage thermostat is the way to go. Two-stage heating means the furnace has two levels of heat output: high for cold winter days and low for milder days. Since the low setting is adequate to meet household heating demands 80% of the time, a two-stage unit runs for longer periods and provides more even heat distribution. How to Hook Up a 2-Stage Thermostat Cut the power to the heating and cooling system at the circuit breaker. Pull or unscrew the body of the existing thermostat from the wall. Install the faceplate of the new 2-stage thermostat. Connect the wires of the 2-stage thermostat to the household wires. The difference between a one-stage and a two-stage furnace lies in their ability to control heat output. Single-stage heating requires only a fixed gas valve and a single-speed blower motor. This kind of furnace is either on or off. Two-stage heating requires a two-stage gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor. A two stage furnace is NOT more efficient than a single stage furnace. It will not save you any money on your utility bills compared to a single stage furnace. Furnace manufacturers do not claim there is an efficiency gain with two stage furnaces.

A two-stage thermostat increases efficiency by running the first-stage burners as long as possible. If the first-stage burners cannot maintain a 6- to 8-degree temperature rise in the house, the thermostat fires up the second-stage burners.

Two-stage cooling means the air conditioner or heat pump has a compressor with two levels of operation: high for hot summer days and low for milder days. Since the low setting is adequate to meet household-cooling demands 80% of the time, a two-stage unit runs for longer periods and produces more even temperatures.

It might, given that two-stage air conditioners: Live longer— Because two-stage air conditioners run all the time, they turn on and off less often, which reduces wear and tear on the compressor. A longer lifespan would mean the unit has more time to save you money.

Nest Learning Thermostats are only compatible with systems that have one or two stages of cooling. The Nest Thermostat E is only compatible with one stage of heating, one stage of cooling, and an additional stage of either heating or cooling.

In fact, it is a legal requirement for new thermostats, especially ones that require a continuous supply of power, to be installed by a trained and licensed electrician. You may consider hiring a plumber or installing it yourself, but, if you don't have a C-wire, it is important you leave it to a professional.

They can be either on or off. But in rare cases, a system's fan speed can be controlled by a thermostat. The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with system fans that have one, two, or three speeds. The Google Nest Thermostat E is only compatible with single speed system fans.

higher than 3. 6V when it's charging normally. the battery charge and delay shutting down completely. 3. 7V is required to install a software update. 3. 6V is required for the display to turn on when you approach.

Single-Stage vs. Flexibility is the main difference between one-stage and two-stage furnaces. A furnace with single-stage heating contains a fixed gas valve and a single-speed blower motor. A model with two-stage heating contains a two-stage gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor.

Here's a quick roundup of some of the best furnace brands on the market today: American Standard Furnaces. American Standard furnaces units are one of the most reliable brands in the business. Amana Gas Furnace Units. Bryant Furnaces. Carrier Furnaces. Daikin Furnaces. Goodman Gas Furnaces. Lennox Furnaces. Rheem Furnaces.

Re: Two Stage Thermostats for Two Stage Furnace Using a 2 stage thermostat will not harm the furnace. And because the control board is compatible with a single stage thermostat, the furnace will still operate both stages. The control board would, as you say, start the second stage after about 10 minutes.

The best news … a variable speed furnace motor is 80–85% more efficient than a standard furnace motor. So, if you are going to upgrade from a 90% to a 96% efficient furnace make sure it has a variable speed furnace motor, and you could enjoy energy savings of up to $400 a year. Otherwise it's not worth the investment.

Renting a furnace is also cheaper initially, since you make low monthly payments. However, these payments disappear, with companies needing continual rent, whereas, when you buy a furnace, the costs have an end and result in new property.

A single stage heating or cooling system means your furnace or air conditioner has only one level of heat or cold output. Single stage thermostats are used to control single stage HVAC systems—thus, if you have a single stage heating and cooling system, your home needs a single stage thermostat.