Question - Does Intex saltwater system work?

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The INTEX Saltwater Systems work very quickly, and will immediately begin eliminating bacteria and algae from pool water. If the pool remains “green” after 5 days, please check the chlorine concentration in the pool water, increase the operation hours or shock the pool water if necessary. I was under the understanding that I simply add the sufficient amount of salt to my pool after I fill it up, run the pump for 24 hrs to let it fully dissolve and then turn on the system every day for the suggested amount of time on the timer at night, no more chemicals, and a clean pool. The INTEX Saltwater System eliminates the problem by using salt, a natural substance, to electrolyze chlorine into the water. Second, natural softened pool water: the level of salt in the pool water is so low that it is not noticeable. There is no salty taste, smell, or cloudiness in the water. The ideal salt level in the pool water is between 2500-3500 ppm (parts per million) with 3000 ppm being optimal. A too low salt level will reduce the efficiency of the Saltwater System and result in low chlorine production.

Run your system to run for 8-12 hours a day and set the chlorine output on the generator to 50%. After testing and determining the free chlorine readings over a few days, adjust the output on the generator only. Salt System Run Times Direct sunlight. Quality of water. Filter system.

Keep your pool water sparkling clean and safe this season with this **Intex Saltwater System and Sand Filter Pump**. These systems combine the ultimate in non-chemical water care. Sand filters have long been recognized by pool owners as one of the most desirable methods to keep pool water clear and sparkling.

"FP" is a feature of the combination systems (chlorinator and filter pump together in one) that stands for "Filter Pump".

Saltwater swimming pools are often identified as a low maintenance, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chlorine pools for above-ground and in-ground pool owners alike. Pumps created specifically for draining above-ground pools may be available for rent or for purchase at your local hardware or pool supply store.

Answer. Code “93” is displayed when the programmed cycle ends and indicates that the system is in stand-by/power-saving mode.

Low Salt Error Codes. One problem that users have found with Intex saltwater chlorine generators is repetitive Low Salt Level errors – even when salt levels in your water are adequate. This is due to the chlorinator cell building up scale on the electrical plates. Place your generator cell in this mixture overnight.

The sand filter in a salt water pool helps to maintain high levels of hygiene in the water and makes the water more conducive for use.