Question - How can I make my garage look cool?

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40 Genius Ways to Turn Your Garage into an Amazing Space Add some vertical storage. Turn the space near the door into a mudroom. Upgrade your garage door. And make it accessible via remote. Use pallets to store sports equipment. Add some insulation. Paint the floor. Turn it into play space. Even one or two small changes can make all the difference in how the space looks. Replace Floor. Updating your garage's dirty concrete floor is an easy way to make the space more attractive. Finish Walls. When your garage has unfinished walls, you're not going to have a very appealing space. Replace Door. Improve Storage. To-Do List: Organizing the Garage Set aside enough time to work on the project. Don't tackle it by yourself. Categorize the items in your garage. Group the garage's contents. Trash or donate items that don't fit the categories. Determine the best garage layout. Install built-in cabinets or modular storage if needed. Steps Open the garage door to let in cooler air. This is the simplest way to decrease the temperature. Leave the windows open to create a breeze. Allow hot vehicles to cool down before parking them in the garage. Get insulated curtains to keep the heat out. Install a dehumidifier to lower the humidity level. Steps Clean your garage. Wear personal protective equipment. Ventilate the garage. Mix a 3-1 solution of bleach and water to soak and scrub the floor. Pick your garage floor paint color and purchase the amount necessary to get the job done. Apply a coat of primer after the floor is completely dry and ready.

How To Clean Your Garage Door Brush off the dirt. Before you bring buckets of water and soap into the equation, shake down any loose debris clinging to your garage door. Hose it down. Wipe it with warm water and mild household detergent. Grease and tighten all the moving parts.

Cooling a Garage With No Ventilation: Portable Options Open the Garage Door. Depending on the angle of the sun and how well-insulated your garage is, opening the door will provide a big breath of fresh air. Add Powerful Portable Fans. Try a Dehumidifier. Build a Low-Tech Swamp Cooler. Buy a Portable Air Conditioner.

Placing a single fan at the very back of a garage and aiming the airflow towards the open garage door, as so many of us do, is almost pointless because there's no cooler air being drawn back in. In fact, you could be making your garage even hotter.

Ideally, you should keep your garage temperature above the dew point so the moisture can stay in the air where it belongs. Average dew points in the winter in the United States range between 50°F to 65°F in coastal states and between 15°F to 40°F in the interior of the country.

Garages should be properly ventilated to air out any chemicals and fumes generated by your vehicle. Also, your garage builds up heat over the summer so it will feel uncomfortable if you don't ventilate your garage. All the garages are customized to air out all the heat, chemicals and fumes generated by your vehicle.

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The solution to cooling your hot garage is through garage cooling fans, like the GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler. Fans like this one lower the air temperature in a garage while also refreshing the air with clean outside fresh air through properly-sized intake vents, which are typically installed on the garage door.

During summer, a lot of homeowners leave their garage door open because of the heat. This is why opening the door while you are in the garage is perfectly fine. However leaving the door like that unattended can let a lot of different vermin inside.

3 Considerations for Garage Air Conditioning Proper Ventilation: You'll need to pick a place to vent your air conditioner – you can use an exterior wall, the garage door, or small glass windows. Know the Size of Your Garage: Consider a Commercial-Sized A/C Unit:

“The best way to keep your garage cooler is to make sure it is properly insulated and sealed, just like in your home, to keep cool air inside during the summer months. ” Answer: “Yes. Some garage doors have vents in them, but cracking the garage door relieves some of the heat.