Question - How do you paint playground tires?

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Wash the tires. So the paint adheres, thoroughly wash the tires with soap and water. Prime the tires. Once the tires dry, prime them with a spray primer. Choose a durable, non-toxic outdoor paint. Choose light colors. Let the children paint the tires. Be creative. In a well-ventilated space, paint the tire using spray paint that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Most spray paints available in the store are a combination paint plus primer, so you do not need to apply a primer first if your spray paint already includes it. Good move with using the acrylic paint, by using enamel on the tires, the paint will remain tacky for what seems like years (learned this the hard way). Try a white (or any other color) gel pen. I had great success on my first attempt with brushing white acrylic paint. The beauty of the acrylic is that it dries fast. You can paint the lettering on your tires any color you want. The most common color is white, followed by yellow. When painting tires, you have to use oil-based paint. The easiest way to apply it on the tire is with a paint marker. If you are wanting to paint a design on the tires work out the design on paper first. Nevertheless, since bicycle tires are rubber you want a paint that is going to be just as flexible and that paint would be acrylic paint. Don't skimp and get the cheapest paint there is, instead, get a good quality acrylic paint.

Behr Premium Plus Enamel Low Luster. Behr, the Home Depot house brand, comes in more than 4, 000 different colors, with zero-VOC versions of semi-gloss, flat interior, eggshell, and base finishes. Benajmin Moore Natura/Aura. Benjamin Moore/Screen capture. Milk Paint. © Milk Paint. YOLO Colorhouse. © Yolo Colorhouse.

Specially formulated black tire paint, Spit Shine isn't a rubber conditioner but an actual paint that permeates the tire wall to give your worn tires the rich, showroom finish everyone wants. Easy to use, ColorBond Tire Black paint will restore your vehicle's tires to their original look in a snap.

A tire paint pen also is very time consuming to use. (One tire easily takes over an hour) To make matters even worse, white tire paint often chips or fades from your tires, after a few weeks, leaving you with worse looking tires than before. White tire paint pens leave you with letters that fade to brown or black.

You'll need spray primer, spray paint, a wire brush, rubbing alcohol, tire shine gel, index cards, and soapy water. This protects the tire from overspray. Apply three coats of primer and paint, then voila! You've got a brand-new looking wheel and a ride you can be proud of.

Acrylic Paint It's possible to paint on rubber, but if it's not done correctly, the paint will eventually chip off and peel away. The paint you use depends on your painting project.

Spray the surface of your tires with a cleaner. Use a store-bought cleaner designed specifically for rubber tires. You can make your own using water, a few drops of dish soap, and a spray bottle. Spray all over the surface of your tires so they're completely covered with the cleaning mixture.

You can also mix acrylic paint with rubber cement or latex to make it flexible and chemically bond with the rubber (but this only works if it is really rubber). I use a type of glue/sealer called mogpog. You can find it in craft shops.

Once the tires dry, prime them with a spray primer. This will also help the pain adhere to the tires. Choose a durable, non-toxic outdoor paint. The paint can be brushed on, which might be more fun, or sprayed on, which is easier.

After cleaning with the wire brush, sand the wheel first with 300 grit sandpaper and then 500 grit sandpaper. After sanding, go over entire wheel with steel wool until you have a smooth finish. Wash the wheel off, dry, and then wipe down with mineral spirits, alcohol or paint thinner. Inspect the wheel carefully.