Question - How do you repack a Supertrapp muffler?

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Take the muffler off of the bike. Remove the end cap (three screws hold it on). Remove the screw that is on the bottom of the backend of the muffler (holds the core in). There are two rivets holding the nameplate. Put a dowel, or similar type of handle, into the inlet end of the muffler. Most come from the mfgr packed with fiberglass mat wrapped around a screen core. Many bike shops carry repacking material or you can just use regular old fiberglass mat from the local hardware store. For over 30 years, stainless steel wool has been widely by OEM”s to prevent blow out of fiberglass packing materials and/or to enhance the sound of the exhaust system with a deep exhaust tone. Mufflers packed with stainless steel wool will last up to 4 to 5 times longer than by using fiberglass alone. A baffle is just a part inside the exhaust intended to slow down the exhaust gases before they exit the exhaust thus quieting the motorcycle down. Another use for an exhaust baffle is to create what's referred to as "back pressure" inside the system. Removing the baffles will change how the engine runs. When it's gone, your bike gets louder, and its performance degrades. It can happen quickly, too. We know mechanics who recommend new muffler packing after every 10 hours of riding. That could be once a month, or even more frequently.

A "slip on exhaust" can mean one of two things, 1- a small piece that goes over the stock exhaust's tip to give the impression of a sporty exhaust (looks wise only) Or 2- describes the type of joins used in the exhaust system, where one pipe slips onto the other and is then clamped to join the two sections.

Inside your dirt bike muffler or silencer is the exhaust core, which is a tube with holes in it and is often covered in steel wool on newer pipes. Between the core and the outside can sits the exhaust packing. The packing itself is a mat or pillow that is usually some kind of fiberglass (or similar material).

Motorcycle exhaust systems typically come in one of two types: Mufflers only (also called slip-on or bolt-on systems). This type of exhaust retains the factory headpipe(s) and replaces just the muffler. Full system. This type of exhaust replaces everything from the head(s) to the back of the bike.

2-strokes run fine without mufflers, if your muffler pipe is an expansion chamber you might notice a low to medium power loss, but you should be fine.

A two-stroke pipe uses its reflective pressure wave to keep the fuel/air mixture inside the combustion chamber. Most of this tuning is done in the pipe itself, but muffler length and diameter play a part. There is no power difference between one brand's high-end and low-end pipes.

With our RaceTEX packing, no, because it works well in both. Typically, four strokes are much harder on packing than two strokes dues to heat and exhaust pulses. An amateur level motocross rider who should get 30 engine hours from our material on a 450 four stroke should get 2-3 times that on a 250cc two stroke.

How to Make a Muffler Silencer Drill a hole into the top of your muffler near the end. The hole should only be big enough to slip a nail into. Stuff some steel wool into the end of your muffler. The more steel wool you use, the quieter your muffler will sound. Slip a nail through the hole in the top of the muffler. The nail should fit snugly.