Question - How much does an energy pod cost?

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The cost of one sleep pod is anywhere from $8000 to $12, 000. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, there are 24, 000 public and 27, 000 private high schools in the US. If every high school buys just one sleep pod for $10, 000, the total cost would be $510, 000, 000—not a practical expenditure. “We wanted to find a creative and unique way to assist them with their personal wellness. ” And even some schools that don't have nap pods, which at MetroNaps range from $8, 000 to $13, 000 in cost, are dedicating space and time to nap rooms where students and staff can recharge. Australia. The EnergyPod® by Metronaps® is the world's first chair designed exclusively for power napping in the workplace. Studies have shown that taking a short nap during the day improves alertness, learning, creativity and mood. Google has installed sleep pods in its offices for staff requiring a nap. The high-tech beds, which look like the hibernation chambers in Alien crossed with Pac-Man, include a built-in sound system for those who like to drift off to relaxing music. Sleeping on the job: the nap pod at Google headquarters. The EnergyPod includes specially designed music and voice guides to help calm you to sleep. It also uses lights and vibrations to aid in sleep and waking.

NASA, Samsung, Google and other corporations are now supporting this tradition by installing “sleep pods” on their properties for employees to nap in. The idea is for employees to take about 20-minute naps to boost productivity, particularly during the second half of the workday when a lull is common.

The siesta is historically common throughout the Mediterranean and Southern Europe and Mainland China. It is the traditional daytime sleep of Spain and, through Spanish influence, the Philippines, and many Hispanic American countries.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a nap of up to 30 minutes can help “restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents”. Napping helps you regain concentration and boosts your productivity.

Sleep pods can also be found in some of the airports in Asia and the USA. For example, in New Delhi Airport Terminal 3 (SAMS Snooze At My Space), in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 (The Haven By JetQuay), and in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal D (Minute Suites).

Click through to see the companies offering the chance to nap along with other cool job perks. Google. PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ben & Jerry's. Cisco. Potato. Zappos.

Top 5 Places To Nap & Snooze In San Francisco Twin Peaks. Park, Bridge, Hill Station. Save Place. Save travel ideas to a wishlist and see them on a map. Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Bridge. Save Place. © Mike Steinhoff/Flickr. Yerba Buena. Park. Save Place. The Yerba Buena Gardens are in the middle of the Financial District | © Chon Kit Leong / Alamy Stock Photo.

Nap pods are special chairs, often used in corporate/workplace environments and universities, that allow people to nap. They are available at JFK airport, Google, and Zappos.

While some staffers really do get to nap while on the payroll, others work to give clients a good day's (or night's) sleep. The latest yawner of a job comes from Sleepy's, the mattress retailer with 700 US locations. Everyone from anesthesiologists to entrepreneurs are getting paid by the business of sleep.

AP Google has some of the best offices in the world. They're gorgeous, huge spaces with tons of perks. Including slides. But not all slides at Google's offices are created equal.

Employees from both tech companies are pretty happy to be there, but Facebook has the edge over Google. Based on employees' reviews, companies received overall ratings on a scale of one to five, with five representing the most satisfied employees. Facebook scored 4. 5 out of 5, while Google scored 4. 4.

This is a short daytime nap that is considered a part of healthy living in France and many other countries. Many French businesses close down for two to four hours every afternoon, giving workers the chance to eat lunch and spend time with friends and family. This is also considered a form of siesta.

Nap time increases morale and workplace safety Well-rested employees perform and behave better. In fact, results from a University of Michigan study show that not sleeping through the night can affect employees' attention and ability to control negative emotional responses.

A little snooze of about 20 minutes is likely the easiest to take at work, since it fits into a lunch break. And since you never fall into a deep stage of sleep, you won't wake up feeling groggy. This “power nap” can even boost your on-the-job performance by as much as 34%.