Question - How much does an ignitor cost?

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Ignitor Replacement Cost An ignitor replacement costs $150 to $250 unless it happens in the middle of the night. After hours or emergency service fees can raise that to $300 to $500. An ignitor typically costs between $30 and $50. The average cost of furnace ignitor replacement done by a professional is around $195. The price range for this affordable furnace repair is $30 to $245. If the repair is made during an emergency call, cost can rise to $300 or more. ignitor failure. Call your electric company if you are getting high voltage in your home. Debris from the heat exchanger or bugs/spiders can get on the ignitor while the furnace is not calling for heat and when there is a call for heat the debris/bug can short the ignitor out.

The Honeywell Universal Hot Surface Igniter is a handy part for repairing various furnace models from major furnace manufacturers. This igniter can replace over 100 different igniter models and features 6 brackets for easy installation.

Unscrew and remove the service panel on the side of the furnace and find the ignitor. It is usually mounted on a V-shaped bracket near the gas port. The ignitor has two wires attached to the back of it and has a flat metal tip.

Once you have removed the sensor, gently rub the metal rod (and nothing else) with a very light grit sandpaper. Remember, you're not sanding down an auto body here, just ridding the sensor of any buildup. Then, use a clean paper towel to wipe clean any dust left behind by the sanding.

The hot surface ignitor is a device used in most modern furnaces to ignite the gas you use for heat. It's a relatively simple component that works quite like a toaster in that its heat is generated by forcing 120 volts through an exposed, resistant material.

Hot Surface Igniter for Gas Furnace-025-32625-000 - The Home Depot.

How to Clean a Gas Furnace Turn off power/gas to the furnace. Turn off power to the furnace at the breaker box. Clean furnace surfaces. Wipe exterior surfaces with a damp rag. Remove the blower. Carefully clean the blower. Clean the pilot or hot surface igniter. Clean the flame sensor. Inspect the drive belt. Lubricate (but not too much).

The average cost of a new furnace ranges from $1, 795 to $6, 290 with most homeowners paying around $3, 817. Furnace prices may vary depending on factors like brand, cost of installation, and size of your home. Your new or replacement furnace cost will also differ based on the type of furnace you choose.

The igniter is located in the flow of gas entering the burners. When the thermostat calls for heat, 24 volts are sent to the electronic ignition control module, which energizes the furnace blower and other systems and sends 120 volts to the HSI. The HSI heats up to around 1, 800°F to 2, 500°F and glows red-hot.