Question - What are slave cards?

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Remove all the coloured cards (jacks, queens, kings and jokers) shuffle, and place in a separate pile. These cards are now referred to as slaves or "prisoners". Shuffle all the remaining cards and deal an equal amount of cards to each player. Any cards left over are put in a refuse pile. Deal the cards as evenly as possible. Without looking, players take the cards in their hand and form them into a neat pile facedown. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player quickly places the top card from his stack onto the middle of the table.

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A question is valid if and only if it meets the following criteria: You must ask for a specific card (by value and suit). You must have another card in that half-suit in your hand. The player you ask must hold at least one card. You must not ask for a card that is in your own hand.