Question - What are slide sheets made of?

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Sliding sheets are designed for sliding transfers and repositioning. They are made of very low friction material, which when placed on top of one another become very slippery. Placed underneath a person they enable an independent or assisted sliding movement in one or more directions across a level surface. Slide Sheets are incredibly useful and incredibly easy to use; they are designed to be used to aid with the movement and transfer of a patient, and to eliminate the need for lifting a patient. This ensures that the transfer is easier, safer and more comfortable; for both the carer and the patient. Fold slide sheet in half and position the open ends of the sheet in the direction the person will move towards. Tuck slide sheet under hips and shoulders as far as possible. Then roll the person onto their side and gently pull slide sheet under them. Glide Sheets. The glide sheets in this section facilitate easy patient transfer. These items are made to reduce friction between two surfaces and make it easy to slide weight across. These glide sheets are available in flat versions and in looped designs. Slide Sheets With the help of slide sheets, a single carer can safely reposition an individual with very little risk of injury to the person or themselves. Slide sheets are an excellent tool in single-handed care because they're very easy to use.

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To remove a slide sheet, fold a corner at the foot end underneath itself and draw it carefully under itself and out. Fit a slide sheet by rolling a person. If you can't roll the person, unroll the slide sheet under them. Fitting a slide sheet by unrolling it underneath a person.

If you consider the mechanics of using a slide sheet, ie one person on either side, then the ability to use them in a double bed situation is restricted. It als makes the postural problems a lot worse for carers, ie they have to stretch to reach and move the patient.

pat-slide. Noun. (plural pat slides) A special sheet of plastic used to transfer patients in hospitals from beds to trolleys and vice versa, or to reposition them in the bed.

Tubular Slide Sheets The tubular slide sheet design enables nurses to easily move patients in bed, transfer to a trolley or move to a sitting position. Available in many sizes.

For example, they may provide back support or prevent you from sliding down the bed when in a seated position. Pillows and supports. Wedge shaped supports. Free standing backrests. Mattress wedges. Pillow lifts. Mattress inclinators. Foot boards.