Question - What are the benefits of taking Korean ginseng?

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It has been used to help fight off stress, lower blood sugar, as well as treat male erectile dysfunction and many other conditions. Korean ginseng is known for its ability to help regulate mood, strengthen the immune system, and improve cognition. In one study, 45 men with ED were given either Korean red ginseng or a placebo. The men receiving the herb took 900 milligrams, three times a day, for eight weeks. At the end of eight weeks, those who took Korean red ginseng felt improvement in their ED symptoms compared to those who took the placebo. If you do choose to take ginseng supplements, always buy it from a reputable source and make sure not to consume too much of it. Most doctors will give the green light to healthy adults taking 3 grams by mouth up to two hours before eating. This can help people with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar. Ginseng has also been reputed as an aphrodisiac, and is used to treat sexual dysfunction as well as to enhance sexual behavior in traditional Chinese medical practices. In addition, ginseng is found to improve the sperm quality and count of healthy individuals as well as patients with treatment-related infertility. Because ginseng may affect blood sugar levels, people taking drugs for diabetes should not use ginseng without talking to their doctor first. Ginseng can interact with warfarin and with some medicines for depression. Do not take ginseng without consulting your doctor if you take any medications.

Overall, daily doses of 1–2 grams of raw ginseng root or 200–400 mg of extract are suggested. It's best to start with lower doses and increase over time. Look for a standard ginseng extract that contains 2–3% total ginsenosides, and consume it before meals to increase absorption and get the full benefits.

Ginseng can cause hypoglycemia or bleeding in some people, and at high doses puncturevine can damage the kidneys. Plus, the FDA has found that a lot of supplement companies make sure their erection-enhancing products actually produce erections by tossing in some Viagra off-label.

Since ginseng may cause trouble sleeping, do not take it near bedtime. Ginseng should not be used for long periods.

Acute/chronic hepatotoxicity suffers from drugs used, alcohol, contaminant, and poisoning and may be incidence of liver diseases including liver hepatitis, cirrhosis/fibrosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Ginseng has also found to protect liver cells from radiation [38] and viral hepatitis [39].

Clinically proven to improve cognitive performance and working memory, Ginseng is an herb that, when combined with the sustained caffeine from green tea, creates a powerful daily energy tonic. Each serving of +ginseng contains the caffeine equivalent to 1 cup of coffee, but without the quick spike in energy levels.

There are several side effects that have been reported from Korean ginseng use, these include: Insomnia (the most common side effect) Increasing the side effects of caffeine (such as jitteriness) Headaches. Diarrhea. Agitation. Nausea. Menstrual problems. Vaginal bleeding.

Common side effects may include: diarrhea; insomnia; headache; rapid heartbeat; increased or decreased blood pressure; breast tenderness and vaginal bleeding.

Ginseng also improved sexual desire and arousal in both sexes, raising the possibility that ginseng could be the first known legitimate natural aphrodisiac. Larger studies are needed, however. Ginseng likely works like Viagra in relaxing muscles and improving blood flow to the genital region.

Ginseng is believed to restore and enhance wellbeing. Both American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L. ) and Asian ginseng (P. Ginseng) are believed to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage sexual dysfunction in men.

Ginsana contains G115®, a standardised ginseng extract from the root of Panax ginseng C. A. The specific extract used in Ginsana – known as G115® – has over 35 years of research and more than 15 clinical studies demonstrating how it can support health outcomes in different areas including energy and endurance levels.

Ginseng. Like ginkgo, ginseng also increases nitric oxide levels and thus is helpful for erectile dysfunction, Brown says. "But it appears to have an effect on the dopamine system too and this can help women as well as men. " And in another study, sexual desire and impotence improved in 21 of 24 men.

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Panax ginseng Called the herbal Viagra, Panax ginseng (red ginseng) has solid research behind it. Researchers reviewed seven studiesTrusted Source of red ginseng and ED in 2008. The action of Panax ginseng appears to be most effectiveTrusted Source for those with high lipids in their blood and metabolic syndrome.