Question - What are the best type of plantation shutters to get?

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What is the Best Material for Plantation Shutters PVC. Poly Vinyl Chloride has for long been the preferred shutter material for many households. Foamed Synthetics. Foamed synthetic shutters are more affordable than wooden shutters. Composite Wood. Alder. Basswood. Laminated Shutters. In Conclusion. You need to consider several essential factors such as quality of material, cost, type of shutters and what types of joints are used in shutters. A good thing about them is that they are ideal window treatment option to keep away excess sunlight and prevent your home furniture from fading. Organic and natural materials will still be popular in 2018, and you can carry this trend to your window treatments with Heritance® hardwood shutters. For smaller windows, plantation shutters have wider louvers than traditional ones, so the view outside is clearer even when the shutter is closed. Plantation shutters are usually installed indoors rather than outdoors. If you pay to have them professionally installed, it will run you about $100 an hour, but it may be worth it, because they can be harder to hang than traditional ones. Also called engineered wood or faux wood, composite shutters are made of medium-density fiberboard wrapped in a vinyl coating. They make a great alternative to wood shutters because of their resistance to weather and humidity. Regardless of the material you choose, turn to The Blind Broker for quality custom shutters.

Here's the general idea on how to use plantation shutters within a home: If you use them in one window in a room, you need to use them in every window of THAT room. In other words, if a bedroom has 4 windows and you put shutters in that room, you need to shutter all four windows.

Norman Woodlore Composite Shutters offer the look of a real wood shutter but are engineered to be more durable and last longer. Built to withstand high temperatures and stress over time without warping. Norman shutters offer top quality at reasonable prices. Stain and fade resistant.

The main design element to look for in traditional shutters is the small, narrow louvers. As a result of the small space in between each slat these shutters were more popular for smaller windows. The Look Of Plantation Shutters. The biggest difference for plantation shutters is the much wider louver style.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters Vinyl shutters contain no wood, but they can have PVC or aluminum supports for stability. Their main advantage is cost. They're also weather resistant and good in high-moisture areas.

Simplicity Shutters. That You Can Install Yourself. Plantation Shutters are a timeless, durable choice for homes of any style, but they can be intimidating to install without professional help. Within innovative new design, the Simplicity Wood Shutter is easy to install, even for a window novice.

Get Darkness or Light When You Want It So, to answer the question – yes, shutters will make your room dark, but they'll only darken your room when you want them to.

If you are someone who wants a window covering product that can completely disappear from sight, shutters are probably not for you. While shutter panels can open and rest on the sides of a window, they are always visible—unlike a shade which can be raised and hidden in a cassette or valance.

According to Energy. gov, 30% of a home's heating energy is lost through windows. A recent study commissioned by Historic England proved that shutters reduce heat loss more than blinds and curtains. Unlike curtains, shutters help by reflecting some of the sun's energy away from the room – and louvres offer ventilation.

“Blinds are most useful for shorter windows where the window doesn't go to the floor, smaller rooms where curtains will take up too much space, or behind curtains. ” And while shutters are also great for shorter windows, too, they're a great option if you want to control the light and the view.

What you might not realize is that plantation shutters are one of the only window treatments that add actual value to your home. Like renovating your bathroom or updating your kitchen, adding custom shutters becomes an improvement to not only attract buyers, but often increases the resale value.

Plantation shutters won't increase the value of your home; however, they might help your home sell faster.

Interior plantation shutters are one of the most energy efficient window dressings that you can use. They will help reduce heat loss in the winter months and reduce heat gain in the summer. Shutters are excellent insulators and will trap the cold air between your shutter and the window.

Plantation shutters typically cost $145 to $347 per window depending on the size and material chosen. Wood shutters cost $200 to $350 per window, while faux or composite shutters cost between $70 and $260 per window. Overall, you can expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot.