Question - What are the four winds in the Westing Game?

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Tomorrow my ashes will be scattered into the four winds - 159 - The four winds are east, north, west, and south or Sam Westing, Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and Julian Eastman. Windy Windkloppel: Real name of Samuel W. Westng, Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman, and Sandy McSouthers. Son of two immigrants. Turtle sets off a fourth bomb in the elevator and she burns her precious braid. Westing, hereby swear that I did not die of natural causes. My life was taken from me—by one of you! The police are helpless. In Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game, while it is true that Turtle Wexler figured out all four of Sam Westing's identities, won the game, and later inherited $200 million, in reality all characters in the book are winners.

She's 42 years old and married to Jake Wexler. Grace says that she's an interior decorator but she spends most of her time in the Chinese restaurant that's in the building or at the beauty parlor.

Grace Windsor Wexler is a high end intrerior designer with hopes of being rich. She has two daughters, Angela who is engaged to D. Denton Derre, a doctor, and Turtle her "other" child. She is married to Jake Wexler who is a podiatrist.

Madame Hoo, the immigrant wife of the owner of the Chinese restaurant at the top of Sunset Towers, has been stealing trinkets to sell in order to go back to China. Hoo's restaurant has not been doing well, so she miguidedly believes that she must steal things to sell in order to get money to go back to her homeland.

Tabitha-Ruth "Turtle "Wexler Turtle is Grace Wexler's daughter and is 11 years old. She has brown hair that she usually wears in a braid. Turtle always kicks people in the shin when they touch her braid. Others see her as the imperfect child, but she thinks she is fine and smart.

Violet Westing. Violet is the deceased daughter of the Westings, and she looks like Angela and Grace Wexler. She used to go out with George Theodorakis, until her mother started to push her into marriage with a corrupt politician; she then committed suicide. Spoiler: Her mother is Crow.

Judge Ford does not have much faith in her doorman partner or the game. He asks her not to quit because of “nonsensical words, ” saying that he would lose his pension. The judge believes that Westing was not murdered, because if his life was in danger he would have contacted the police.

How did the doorman react to what Judge Ford said? The doorman's face reddened and he took a drink.

The sixteen heirs are: Grace Windsor Wexler, Turtle and Angela Wexler (Jake Wexler was named as an heir but refused to attend), Crow, D. Denton Deere, Flora Baumbach, Doug Hoo and his father (James Shin Hoo), Madame Hoo (who does not attend, as her husband did not tell her of the meeting), Judge J. J.

Expert Answers info Turtle, whose real name is Tabitha-Ruth Wexler, is a 13-year-old stock market prodigy teamed up with Flora Baumbach in the game. Mr. Eastman is one of Sam Westing's (The entire section contains 222 words. )

What does Turtle mean by the expression, "Paper losses... doesn't mean a thing"? She means mr. westing picked the stocks. 2.

Why does Sydelle Pulaski keep talking about twins? Because she thinks in the will the words to win makes twins. The tenants are having a meeting.