Question - What did the Capitol do to Peeta?

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Captured by the Capitol In the third and final book, Mockingjay, Peeta is held captive by President Snow and used against Katniss. During his captivity, he was tortured, beaten, and hijacked using tracker jacker venom to distort his memories of Katniss until he believed she was a mutt trying to kill him. Moving onto the events of Mockingjay, in the aftermath of Peeta's torture, he gets hijacked by the Capitol and makes Katniss out as a target to kill. Johanna, however, during her time at the Capitol, gets soaked in water and electrocuted — which I imagine is about as bad as it gets. Peeta was indeed brainwashed, though the term used in the book is "hijacking". Hijacking is a type of torture employed at the Capitol using the hallucinatory effects of tracker-jacker (the wasps from the first book/movie) venom as a way to manipulate the victim's memories. Throughout both installments of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, it was revealed that Peeta was physically and mentally tortured by the Capitol. They used tracker jacker venom to distort his memories to turn him against Katniss. Being hijacked has replaced Peeta's fond memories of Katniss and shaded them with doubt and fear, effectively turning him into a weapon to be used against her. But fortunately Mockingjay Part 2 should be a little bit kinder to Peeta overall. He doesn't get off scot free and his recovery is a slow process, for sure.

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Yes, Katniss loves Peeta. Her love, however, develops slowly and painfully. One interesting aspect of Peeta and Katniss' relationship is the evolution. The two start off as virtual strangers, then they enter into an uneasy friendship that finally progresses into love.

She suffered from PTSD after her Games, after seeing her district partner being beheaded by a career during the Games she was in.

Victims. Johanna pretended to be weak in her first Games, but later when there were only a few tributes left, she killed viciously. In her second Games, she killed Cashmere by throwing one of her axes into her chest. She assaults Katniss, cutting open her arm with one of her axes to remove the tracker and keep her out.

Johanna Barker is Benjamin Barker (aka Sweeney Todd)'s daughter. Johanna Barker Status Alive Fate Escaped with Anthony Hope Portrayed by Sarah Rice (original 1979 Broadway cast) Betsy Joslyn (1982 tour) Jayne Wisener (2007 film)

Johanna attacked Katniss to take the tracker out of her arm, so that once Katniss was in a District Thirteen plane, the Capitol could not track her. Johanna had to attack her because it also had to be seen that Johanna was breaking the alliance between the tributes.

Known Victors Victor District Strategy Katniss Everdeen 12 Archery skills. Used a suicide threat to force the Gamemakers to let her and Peeta both win. Peeta Mellark 12 Camouflage skills and strength. Joined the Careers. Used a suicide threat to force the Gamemakers to let him and Katniss both win.

No, I really don't think Johanna secretly loves Finnick for two reasons: It's been clearly stated that Finnick Odair loves Annie Cresta as the jabberjays used her scream to torment him.

Mags was old and knew that she woul sacrificed herself to the poison smoke because Katniss was unable to carry her through the arena and Finnick was helping Peeta. And this is why Mags sacrificed herself to ensure the survival of Peeta and Katniss.

Katniss, "it is true, but so is what you said about Peeta. " So, the answer is yes, Katniss does love Gale. She always felt wrong about Peeta as long as Gale was around because of what they were just beginning to have before the Games. He wants her to love him for who he is, not b/c he needs her.

Is there any reason for Peeta not losing his leg in the movies? In the book, Peeta's leg is amputated and replaced by a prosthetic. In the movie, he doesn't lose his leg. In the book, Katniss also undergoes treatment for her deaf ear, which is repaired, but this is omitted in the film.

Peeta used the dyes to paint a picture of Rue after Katniss covered her with flowers when she died. He says he wants to hold them accountable for killing Rue, and Effie tells him that that kind of thinking is forbidden. Katniss and Peeta, for the first time in Hunger Games history, have been given perfect scores.

The Capitol uses this method to turn Peeta against Katniss, making him believe that she is not only responsible for the death of his family, friends and the destruction of District 12, but also that she tried to kill him numerous times and that she is not even human, but rather an evil "mutt".

Katniss came to her rescue, but Marvel speared Rue in the abdomen. In the ensuing conflict, Marvel was killed by Katniss, who was trying to defend Rue. The dying Rue told Katniss she had to win and asked her to sing for her as she died.

He loved her even though he knew she loved Peeta. The strength of Gale's feelings toward Katniss was put to the ultimate test when he realized that she loved Peeta, but that didn't stop him from adoring her. He even volunteered to rescue Peeta because he wanted Katniss to be happy.