Question - What does beggar lice look like?

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Identifying Beggar's Lice Stiff tick-trefoil will grow up to 2- to 3½-feet tall, branching occasionally, and its slender, densely hairy, green-brown stem will remain rigid but progressively lean from summer to winter. Not only do numerous birds eat beggar's lice seeds, the plant is readily browsed by deer. The beggar' lice plant is a low vine with three leaves and a pink flower. I often refer to the plant with curse words, but others call it beggar's lice, creature's lice, trefoil or stickseed. Beggar's lice is a legume with segmented seeds at the end of the stem. Each seed is covered in small hooks, which gives it a Velcro effect when coming in contact with fur or clothes. How to Kill Beggar's Lice Dig out your Beggar's Lice if you only have a small patch of it. Purchase an herbicide for broadleaf weeds. Keep an eye on the forecast. Follow the directions on the herbicide package. Spray the leaves of your Beggar's Lice. Repeat one month later to catch any Beggar's Lice that did not die the first time. Hound's Tongue, beggar's lice, dog's tongue, sheep bur, dog bur, glovewort, and woolmat. An increasingly abundant noxious weed that is adaptable to distrubed soils, roadside, meadows, at both high and low altitudes. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids. All parts of the plant are toxic, even when it is dried.

Houndstongue is a biennial that overwinters as a rosette during the first year of growth (a). The plant has very pubescent leaves that feel like a dog's tongue, hence the common name (b). How do I identify this plant? The leaves are oblong, very pubescent and rough, which resembles a hound's tongue (Figure 1).

Removing burrs from hair Begin by removing any loose burrs with a metal comb. Crush the sandspurs (spines) with a pair of pliers. Gently pull mats apart with your fingers, and then brush out burrs with a comb. If any burrs are still stuck, you may have to resort to cutting your dog's fur.