Question - What does being potted mean?

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adjective. The definition of potted is something that has been put in a pot, or slang for intoxicated. An example of potted is a flower plant that has been planted in a container. An example of potted is when Uncle Harry drank too many egg nogs at the family Christmas Eve tree trimming party. Potted plants refer to plants that are planted and grown in containers rather than in the ground. Container gardens can easily accommodate just about any type of plant, including vegetables. A potted history or biography contains just the main facts about someone or something. A potted history is brief, a quick summary. Potted meat is meat, usually not of the highest quality, processed and preserved in a tin. The expression is often used in a derogatory way, as it is in your example. (plural poots) (babytalk, slang) A fart, perhaps a relatively quiet one.

noun. the leaves of a plant, collectively; leafage. the representation of leaves, flowers, and branches in painting, architectural ornament, etc.

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As nouns the difference between poot and fart is that poot is {{context|babytalk|slang|lang=en}} a fart, perhaps a relatively quiet one while fart is (informal) an emission of digestive gases from the anus; a flatus {{defdate|from 15th c}}.

Noun. (babytalk, slang) A fart, perhaps a relatively quiet one.

Verb. Used other than as an idiom: see potty. To go crazy or mad. (childish) To use the potty; to defecate. I have to go potty!

poot Noun. Translate "poot" to Spanish: excremento. English Synonyms of "poot": excrement, stools, buffalo chips, business, ca-ca, caca, cowflop, doo-doo, pooh, poop. Define meaning of "poot": Waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body.

(idiomatic, euphemistic) To expel gases generated during digestion, especially through the anus; to fart or flatulate. Then one of the people on the bus broke wind.

Poot (The Wire) Poot starts out as a drug dealer in the Barksdale Organization who slowly rises through the ranks. He eventually ends up leaving the drug trade after its violent nature causes the death of his best friend Bodie Broadus and many other of his friends.