Question - What does being sated mean?

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The verb sate comes from the Old English sadian, “to satiate, ” and can be applied to any situation regarding the satisfaction of a need or an appetite. If you have been craving something sweet, your craving might be sated by a bag of jellybeans. 1. To satisfy (an appetite) fully. 2. To provide (someone) with more than enough; glut. [Probably alteration of Middle English saden, from Old English sadian; see sā- in Indo-European roots. Sentence Examples She felt too sated to move. I did so, until Claire was sated and burped. He spent most of the night up with the woman in his bed then fell asleep after he fed from her, content and sated, as usual. As adjectives the difference between satiated and sated is that satiated is pleasantly satisfied or full, as with food while sated is in a state of complete and thorough satisfaction. verb (used with object), sat·ed, sat·ing. to satisfy (any appetite or desire) fully. to fill to excess; surfeit; glut.

Your dictionary is correct, nakakasawa means "to cause to be fed up with" or in other words, "to get tired of something". The translation by Cake is what the girl is exactly trying to say in English, "I will not grow tired of you".

Pronunciation IPA: /sate/ Rhymes: -te, -e.

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Examples of sate in a Sentence Verb The meal was more than enough to sate his hunger. The information sated their curiosity.

The Japanese word, sate, or in Japanese characters, "?? " means "now, " "so, " "well" and "well then" depending on the context.

Choose the Right Synonym for satiate Verb. satiate, sate, surfeit, cloy, pall, glut, gorge mean to fill to repletion. satiate and sate may sometimes imply only complete satisfaction but more often suggest repletion that has destroyed interest or desire.

- Sated = Plant has enough water for half a day at least (my experience). - Overwatered = Plant is overwatered but it wont die. Its a state if you have to leave for a bit longer and nobody can water your plants. - Overwatered (Dead) = Plant got drown due to too much water.

satiate. Juliana eats a small bowl of ice cream every afternoon to satiate her craving for something sweet and creamy. The definition of satiate is being full or having had enough or more than enough.

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