Question - What does the grade of chain mean?

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*WLL is sometimes called Safe Working Load (SWL) THE MEANING OF CHAIN GRADE NUMBERS. The chain grade numbers which manufacturers use are actually one tenth of the actual grades. Therefore, our grade 80 is 800, grade 70 is 700, and so on. The grade refers to the tensile strength of the chain. Chain Grades: Comparing Grade 30, Grade 43, Grade 70, Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 Chain Grade 30. General purpose economical chain. Grade 43. Typically used for container securement, logging, farming, towing, marine applications, and as general purpose utility chain. Grade 70. Grade 80. Grade 100. Grade 120. Grade 43 chain features both high tensile strength and resistance to wear needed by modern hauling and heavy duty trucking, farm and construction firms. Widely used for trailer safety chain, tow/log chain, guard chain, general purpose utility chain, and/or tailgate chain. Grade 120 chain is newer and is currently the highest strength chain in the industry. This chain provides a 20% higher strength than G100 and 50% higher than G80. The chain has a bright blue finish for visibility. Grade 70 Transport Chain is a high quality, high strength carbon steel chain, heat treated and used for load securement and binding applications designed specifically to provide a light, yet strong chain for binding, tie-downs, towing and construction use.

Chain Strength Chart (Working Load Limit Comparisons) Chain Size Grade 30 Proof Coil (WLL in lbs) Dimensions Prices Gr 80 Alloy (WLL in lbs) Dimensions Prices 5/16 1, 900 4, 500 3/8 2, 650 7, 100 7/16 3, 700 - 1/2 4, 500 12, 000

Grade 80 & Grade 100 Alloy Chain Single Leg Sling Triple & Quad Leg Sling 5/16″ 5, 700 14, 800 3/8″ 8, 800 22, 900 1/2″ 15, 000 39, 000 5/8″ 22, 600 58, 700

First, all of Laclede's domestic chain is stamped about every six links to help you identify the grade of chain. Just look for the “L” and then the number after it. Each number following the “L” corresponds with a grade of chain. On grade 70 this can also show that the chains are DOT approved!

Grade 100 chain was specifically designed to for the rigorous requirements of overhead lifting applications. Grade 100 Chain is a Premium quality high strength alloy steel. Grade 100 Chain has a 20 percent increase in working load limit as compared to a similar size chain in Grade 80.

The chain is a unit of length equal to 66 feet (22 yards). It is subdivided into 100 links or 4 rods. There are 10 chains in a furlong, and 80 chains in one statute mile. In metric terms, it is 20. 1168 m long.

One link in 250 is greater than along the length of a cable. Chain is more rugged than a cable.. so in rough use a chain is a better choice but for safety sake and pure strength a cable is stronger.

Log chain. Stout chain used for tying heavy loads to a wagon and for hitching a team to an implement or automobile that needed to be to be pulled from the mud.

Measure a structural chain (for chandeliers or other decorative items) by taking a tape measure from one end of the chain to the other. If the chain is longer than your tape measure, you can find the length with individual link measures. Measure from one end of an individual link to the other end of that same link.

4 Answers. If you are using a bike with a derailleur the number of cogs on the rear hub will determine the chain size you will need. They are always 3/32" chains. You can get a 5/6/7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, or 10-speed chains.

High Test – Grade 43. High test grade 43 chain is used for load binding, towing and logging. It is a higher strength carbon steel and can be purchased galvinized or self-colored. High test chain can be sold either in a drum or per foot price. It is not to be used for overhead lifting.

Welded Chain Specifications – Transport Chain (Grade 70) Trade Size In Inches Working* Load Limit Lbs. Weight per Foot In Lbs. 1/4 3, 150. 63 5/16 4, 700. 93 3/8 6, 600 1. 41 1/2 11, 300 2. 40

It doesn't matter how strong the other 99 links are. If just one link is weak, the chain will break. The overall strength of a chain is not the strength of the strongest link, or even of the average link. The overall strength of a chain is the strength of the weakest link.

PROOF COIL WELDED CHAINS Trade Size Inches Material Diam. Length 100 Lks In. 3/16 7/32 99 1/4 9/32 104 5/16 11/32 114

Grade 30 proof coil steel chain is a light to medium duty chain used in the automotive and marine markets, security barriers, agriculture, and tow/logging. Proof Coil is available in electro-galvanized, hot galvanized or self-colored finishes.