Question - What does the silver watering can do?

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The Silver Watering Can can be used to restore wilted Red Turnips to their original just-planted state. To receive the silver watering can, you must purchase at least 50 bags of flower seeds from the garden shop. Leif will give you the silver watering can after you buy your 50th flower seed bag. The silver watering can can water 5 flowers at a time. The following sections describe easy ways to make a lot of money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Find Friends to Play With Online. Sell Perfect Fruits in Other Players' Towns. Play the Stalk Market. Fish and Catch Bugs on the Island. Dig Up Fossils. Find the Money Rock. Find the "Fake" Rock to get Ore. Watering cans are used to water flowers to prevent them from wilting and dying, or to promote hybridization and the breeding of new flowers. When a wilted flower is watered, it will return to life the following day. The player must stand next to a flower to water it. A golden shovel, unlike the regular shovel, has a powerful special ability. The golden shovel will allow you to bury bags of money in holes that you dig in the ground. You can bury any sized bag of money with the golden shovel.

You get a golden shovel by purchasing 50 bags of fertilizer at the garden area. To find the fertilizer at the garden shop, you must upgrade Timmy and Tommy's Store to it's final upgrade. To do that, you must spend 100, 000 bells at the T&T Store.

Yes, precipitation (rain or snow) waters all your flowers. Flowers "sparkle" ONLY when a player or a villager waters the flower with a Watering Can.

Put a red rose and a yellow rose together and water them every day until you get an orange rose. Put the orange rose and the purple rose together and water them every day until you get two hybrid red rose. Put the two hybrid red roses together and water them every day until you get a blue rose.

Buy a watering can from the Nooklings' shop or the Garden Center. You can also get a free watering can from Isabelle when you start the game. Read the starting the game guide for more information. You can also get a golden and a silver watering can, which can water multiple flowers at a time.

Requirements for a perfect town In total, the town must contain between 110 and 200 trees, of any type. There must also be at least 75 flowers of any type. At least 10 public works projects are needed, but the Dream Suite, Fortune Shop, Museum upgrade, Town Hall designs, and Train Station designs do not count.

Have a seashell in your inventory, talk to her again and you'll have a choice of "here it is" or something along those lines. Choose it, then it'll let you pick the shell out of your inventory.

To make a hybrid flower grow, you have to put two flowers of the same variety (such as two roses, or two cosmos, etc. ) next to each other, and water both of them. To guarantee a new flower from the pair, bury a bag of fertilizer next to one of the flowers.

Grab some flowers. You can pick up flowers from around town or buy them from the Gardening Store at Main Street. It's best if you got flowers of the same species for your flowers to flourish. You can pick up flowers by walking to them then pressing the Y button.

In Pocket Camp, you can only fertilize existing trees to grow fruit faster. In the main series, you can plant any kind of trees wherever you want, with some restrictions (i. e. only palm trees on the beach, pine trees are only for the north half of your village in some games, trees can't be right next to things, etc. )