Question - What does the suffix OTE mean?

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fear that you will run out of oxygen. OTE means On-target Earnings. (See also what Wikipedia has to say. ) It is usually used when an employee has a "variable" component (commission, bonus, etc. ) to their compensation. Their compensation is made up of both base salary plus the variable bonus, commission, etc. OTE is not a valid scrabble word. The first of the two words we highlight above --grandote-- is formed from the adjective grande ("big, large") and the augmentative suffix -ote, which amplifies the meaning of grande, making our best translation "huge. " Adding -ote or -ota "often adds a note of contempt to the idea of bigness, " according to The Ultimate

OTE is equal to an employee's base pay plus an additional variable component, such as commission. So it is the total potential salary an employee can earn; the income earned when reaching all sales, lead generation, or similar targets which is then added to the base salary.

It basically means salary + bonus based on how well you do + car allowance. OTE stands for on target earnings. These are sales related incomes where you are paid according to the number of sales you make and meeting certain (often quite optimistic) targets. In my experience, the OTE is usually double the basic salary.

On-target earnings refers to an employee's pay structure made of basic salary and the additional variable component such as commission as their compensation.

Salary DOE means that the salary depends on experience of the candidate. A similar term is DOQ which means salary depends on qualification. Be careful with DOE job offers with small companies where they only can fill one position.

Job jargon Back So £17, 000PA means you would get paid £17, 000 per year before deductions. PW Means 'per week' So £200PW means you would get paid £200 per week before deductions. OTE short for "on target earnings", this means that your pay will have a performance-related element.

OTE stands for Ocean Thermal Energy. Ocean thermal energy is derived from the solar energy that is absorbed by the oceans.