Question - When was Le Petit Nicolas written?

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In France, Le Petit Nicolas is a national treasure. Created by the author of Asterix, Rene Goscinny, and the cartoonist Sempe, Nicolas is an eight-year-old boy who is always - unintentionally - getting into trouble, together with his gang. He first appeared in story form in 1959 and hasn't been out of print since. he's got glasses. You can't hit me, I've got glasses. wants to be when he grows up. A mischievous little boy panics after finding out that his parents are going to have another baby.

Sorry, Le Petit Nicolas (2009) isn't available on Netflix United States, but is available in a different country.

The superintendent, Mr. Dubon (Mr Goodman), is known as "le Bouillon" ("Old Spuds"). The two main characters of another comic series by Goscinny, Iznogoud, begin to take shape in the episode when Nicolas is in summer camp.

One day on the beach, a very loud and obnoxious movie producer from Italy is filming a movie on the beach, angering the vacationers.