Question - When was Leo the Lion born?

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In fact, “Leo” has not been one lion but seven, starting with “Slats” the Dublin-born lion who first hung his head, silently, in the midst of the logo from 1917 to 1928. Leo the Lion, one of the main attractions at the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Ga., has died. The keeper of the Noah's Ark Facebook page wrote Thursday “During today's surgery, we discovered that over 80% of Leo's liver was full of tumors and because of this, the decision was made to let him go. Leo, the seventh lion, is MGM's longest-lived, having appeared on most MGM films since 1957. Mayer's company in 1924 there have been seven different lions used for the MGM logo. Although MGM has referred to all of the lions used in their trademark as "Leo the Lion", only the current lion, in use since 1957 (a total of 63 years), was actually named "Leo".

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Gillette, New Jersey: Grave of Leo the Lion. Directions: Northbound side of Morristown Rd, a half-mile north of Valley Rd and just south of the train tracks. The famous MGM lion is buried in an unexpected grave in the front lawn of the man who trained him to roar on cue.

By 1998, this lion entrance was removed because of reports that so many Chinese gambling guests refused to enter the jaws of a lion to come inside, considering it "bad luck" in their culture.

A lion or tiger can roar as loud as 114 decibels, about 25 times louder than a gas-powered lawn mower. The cats are also aided by the strength of their vocal folds, which can withstand stretching and shearing as air moves past them and the folds vibrate.

Lifespan: In the wild the lifespan of lions is approximately 15 years, however in captivity it can be as long as 30 years. Breeding: Lions reach sexual maturity at 2 years old and mate at all times of the year.

The MGM Lion which roars before the film starts, always roars between one and three times.

The roar is "actually that of a tiger, " says Mangini. "Lions don't make that kind of ferocious noises, and the logo needed to be ferocious and majestic. " So you're actually hearing a tiger roar every time you settle in to enjoy a fine film from MGM's 007 or Barbershop or Gnomeo & Juliet franchises.

Over the next 39 years, the studio was bought and sold at various points in its history until, on November 3, 2010, MGM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of 2017, MGM co-produces, co-finances, and co-distributes a majority of its films with Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

In Latin, the word "ars" means art, as in the art of baking bread, a skill or craft. The phrase "art for art's sake" was an Enlish translation of "l'art pour l'art, " a French concept that first appeared in print in 1818. In Latin, "ars gratis artis" is gibberish.

But Roger Mayer, who ran the MGM lot for 25 years until 1986, said such stories simply aren't true. “It's inaccurate to say a lot of stuff was thrown away, ” said Mayer, who is now president of Turner Entertainment Co., which owns MGM's pre-1986 films.