Question - Where is Jerome's Furniture made?

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Jerome's Furniture Warehouse is a family-owned chain of discount furniture stores in Southern California, with its headquarters in San Diego, California. The company's key owner and figurehead is Jerome "Jerry" Navarra. At Jerome's, Jerry has already haggled for you so that you always get the lowest prices possible. We pride ourselves for our no-haggle pricing and stick to our core family values. This means you can walk onto our showroom floor and enjoy your furniture shopping experience, instead of trying to dodge sales people. And in 1968, when Jerry was only 20 years old, Jim Navarra renamed the company “Jerome's. It's fast, easy, and painless. Best of all, it's extremely accurate. All of Jerome's mattresses are private label and offer exceptional value for a product that is much better than what the competitors have to offer.

The Best Time to Buy Furniture New furniture generally hits the showroom floor around the end of winter and end of summer, and so around February and August, you'll often find better deals and discounts, as retailers make room for the new season's offerings.

It is 3-5 year furniture, and the same quality as Rooms to go furniture. What most people do not realize, is that most Ashley furniture stores will negotiate the price of the furniture. Here is a tip to find out how much wiggle room the store has to negotiate. Find the porter bedroom set.

Q: Can I return my furniture? You may change your mind before delivery for any reason. Merchandise cannot be returned once you have accepted delivery.

Getting a good price at a furniture store doesn't just mean shopping during a sale. That's why consumers should try to negotiate even beyond the discounted price, says Green. But don't expect a salesperson to agree to a lower price right away – the biggest discounts can take hours to negotiate.

Let us know if your location is in or out. 10% off any purchase in store on Veterans Day. 10% off year round, to active duty, active reserve, retired military, and immediate family. In store only with a valid military ID.

Jerry's Price: unbeatable value every day. Double the Difference Price Guarantee We guarantee the lowest price. If you find a lower price anywhere else, we'll pay double the difference!