Question - Where is Jerry Garcia buried?

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Jerry Garcia was Born in San Francisco on August 1, 1942. Known as the Spanish-American kid with a missing finger, he didn't have a very good childhood. Jerry Garcia net worth: Jerry Garcia was an American musician who had a net worth of $40 million. Born Jerome John "Jerry" Garcia on August 1, 1942 in San Francisco, California, Garcia died August 9, 1995. Best known for his lead guitar work, singing and songwriting in the band Grateful Dead, formed in the 60s.

August 9, 1995

53 years (1942–1995)

At age four, while the family was vacationing in the Santa Cruz Mountains, two-thirds of Garcia's right middle finger was accidentally cut off. Garcia and his brother Tiff were chopping wood. Jerry steadied a piece of wood with his finger, but Tiff miscalculated and the axe severed most of Jerry's middle finger.

Deborah Koons m. 1994–1995 Manasha Matheson m. 1990–1993 Carolyn Garcia m. 1981–1994 Sara Ruppenthal Garcia m. 1963–1967

Garcia had taken piano lessons at a young age. His mother bought him an accordion for his birthday, and begged to get it traded in for a Danelectro guitar. He wasn't formally trained, and as I'm reading “A Long Strange Trip” (the band's biography), from what I gather, his “training” came in pieces.

The Grateful Dead played a series of concerts at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. One of the reasons the Grateful Dead was so popular live is because the band just sounded so much better than any other live band. The Grateful Dead were arguably the most important, and most successful live band ever.

Jerry wore Puma Clyde and Adidas Gazelle sneakers back in the 70s as well as leather boots at times.

As far as amps and effects go, Jerry kept it relatively simple, using a silverface Fender Twin for much of the 1970s and a Mesa Boogie Mark IIa later on.

Baby Jerry, whose full name on Roseanne was Jerry Garcia Conner, joined the cast in 1995. Actress Roseanne's actual pregnancy with real-life son Buck Thomas was written into the show during Season 8. Three months after her character became pregnant on the sitcom, Roseanne conceived her son via IVF.

Therefore, by our estimates, the Grateful Dead gave up approximately $146 Million per night by not selling their tickets at market value. To put that number in perspective, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Grateful Dead band member Bob Weir is worth only $30 Million.

The 13-point lightning bolt was derived from a stencil Stanley created to spray-paint on the Grateful Dead's equipment boxes (he wanted an easily identifiable mark to help the crew find the Dead's equipment in the jumble of multiple bands' identical black equipment boxes at festivals).