Question - Where is Jim Harrison buried?

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Harrison lived in both Patagonia, Arizona, and Livingston, Montana. 78 years (1937–2016)

Harrison is the author of seven books of fiction, including the novels Dalva (1988), Sundog (1984), and Wolf (1971), and the collection of novellas Legends of the Fall (1979); but he began writing as a poet, and has published six collections of poetry, most recently The Theory and Practice of Rivers and Other Poems (

Deceased (1937–2016)

About The Book The title novella, “Legends of the Fall”—which was made into the film of the same name—is an epic, moving tale of three brothers fighting for justice in a world gone mad.

Jim Harrison, best known for his 87-page novella “Legends of the Fall, ” later made into the 1994 film starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins, died Saturday.