Question - Where is the model number on a Viking refrigerator?

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"Viking" is written on the front of the refrigerator. The model and serial numbers are located either behind the produce drawer or on the ceiling of the interior of the refrigerators. The 42-inch wide or freestanding refrigerators are not included in this recall. Locate the model number/serial number on the rating plate on your range which is located in one of three places as noted below: On the left side panel under the left front grate support/ burner bowl. On the front of the oven cavity below the control panel. On the bottom of the control panel above the door. Scrub the griddle plate with a mixture of one quart warm water and 1/4 cup white vinegar, using a blue Scotch-Brite™ pad. Dry thoroughly. Wash griddle with warm, soapy water. Rinse off and dry thoroughly. Look on the framework at the front for the model and serial number. Open the oven door and look on the right side doorjamb. The model number plate may be in the middle, at the top or on the bottom of the doorjamb. Turn your head to the right to read the model number. On one side of the butt the word "Viking" will be engraved. It will have a capital "V" with the rest of the letters lower case. Look directly under the word, "Viking. " On authentic Viking cues, you will see the letters "USA" centered under the word "Viking" and will all be capital letters.

Open the door to the fridge and look for the serial number. It will be on a sticker, generally on the inside of the door. If it is not there, look inside the freezer. Write down the full serial number.

Their products (including their Wolf ranges) are made in Wisconsin. While they are known for their cooking appliances, Viking manufactures it's professional-style kitchen appliances, including refrigerators (to match their other iconic ranges) in Greenwood, Mississippi.

'' But cost is a factor. The same 30-inch Viking gas range, without a self-cleaning oven, costs $2, 802.

How to Remove the Oven Door on a Viking Range Open the oven door completely. Insert the door pins that came with the range into the pin holes on each side of the open door, located in the middle of the hinges. Remove the screws on the hinge trim with the Philips screwdriver. Take off the hinge trim on both the right and left sides.

Viking stoves weigh ten lbs to the inch. This one was 480 lbs. Its hood exhausts through two 8 in.

To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not model number) to find date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made.

The first 2 digits are the year of manufacture, and the next 3 digits are the Julian date (day of the year). For the 2020 base station, the date code is listed under the serial number on the product item label.

The first letter of a serial number indicates the location where the appliance was made. The second letter indicates the appliance type. The first number is the year the appliance was manufactured; the next two numbers are the week in that year.

LG appliance serial number age finder: To determine a LG appliance age you need the serial number. The first digit is the year, the second and third is the month. In the above example the Manufacture date would be March of 2005.

Typically, the serial number is located on a sticker just inside the refrigerator door.

Examine a gas freestanding Frigidaire range for the model number. Look under the burners, under the cook top, along the doorjamb of the oven door (in the front) and behind the pullout drawer.

Serial Number Characters As with all Whirlpool appliances, the second character in the serial number indicates the year in which the dryer was manufactured. If the second character is a number, the dryer was manufactured prior to 1990. If the second character is a letter, the dryer was manufactured after 1989.

In many Hotpoint ranges the tag will be on the bottom of the frame near the door's hinges. Check other possible tag locations if you didn't find the tag when you opened the oven door. Open the drawer below the oven, if your stove has one, and look on the surface of the rim around the drawer cavity that's facing you.