Question - Where is the model number on an Amana dryer?

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You'll find your top-load dryer's model number inside the door, on the upper left-hand side of the front panel. You'll find your front-load dryer's model number along the bottom of the shroud, right in front of the lint screen. You'll find your range's model number on the left-hand edge of the storage drawer. This should be visible once you slide it open. You'll find your wall oven's model number along the top left-hand side of the front panel. You'll find your cooktop's model number is located underneath the burner box. To access the belt and pulley you need to remove the front panel and possibly the tub. Unplug the dryer before starting. Locate the spring clips that hold the top down. There is one on each side at the front about 2-3 inches in from the corner. Grab the first four digits from the serial number. The first two digits represent the year manufactured and the third and fourth digit represents the week. Use the example below for better understanding. If the first four digits of the serial number are 9912, the first two digits indicate the year. To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not model number) to find date of manufacture. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. The 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made.

Find Your GE Dryer Model & Serial Numbers Inside front face of the dryer compartment, on the left or right side (door open).

Usually to find a model number on a Samsung dryer, they are placed on the inside of the dryer on the outer panel where the door is. Open the door and it should be on the top of the front panel or and the bottom.

In order to find specific parts for your washing machine, you need to know your model number. Most washing machines have the rating plate behind the door, either on the inside of the door (don't forget to check near the hinge) or on the door frame of the cabinet.

You will find the model number on a sticker or rating plate. This can usually be found either on or behind the door frame, or behind the filter flap at the bottom of the appliance. Model numbers usually consist of a manner of letters and numbers, and may also include characters such as a slash (/) or a dash (-).

Find the serial number on a Frigidaire-made Kenmore washer. It begins with two letters, followed by several numbers. The first number represents the year of manufacture. In more current models, the number "2" represents the year 2002, "3" represents 2003, "4" represents 2004, and so on.

If the information from the manufacturer is not available, the next best way to determine the exact length of your belt is to remove the belt and lay it flat on the floor. Next, simply measure its length. Measuring your dryer belt this way will give you an exact measurement to tell your screen print supplier.

The date of production/manufacture or age of Amana® HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate.

Here is how to check the age of your fridge. Open the door to the fridge and look for the serial number. Go to the website of the brand of your fridge. You can also go online to a general appliance website (see Resource below) to search for the year and month your unit was made.

Amana Refrigerator Dimensions Model Height Depth A1RXNGFYY 67 3/8" 30 1/8" A4TXNWFWW 62 1/8" 27 3/4" A6TXNWFXW 65 1/4" 30 7/8" A8TCNWFAW 67 3/8" 31 1/8"

How to Start an Amana Oven Choose your cooking method. Press the "Bake" or "Broil" button, located on the range's keypad. Press the TEMP/HOUR "More" and "Less" buttons to choose the oven temperature, which will be displayed on the screen. Press the "Start" button to begin preheating the oven. Press the "Self Clean" button.

How to Tell the Age of Maytag Appliances Find the serial number. Maytag stamps its appliances with serial numbers in at least one place and sometimes more. Find the year and month code. Each Maytag serial number contains two letters. Determine the year and month of manufacturing. The first number represents the year and the second represents the month.